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Metaverse is the notion of having an open, unrestricted space where all the entities of the community collectively discuss the complex interrelatedness of interrelated issues as they arise.

As an expanded discussion of the current situation of the world, such a space is conducive to inclusion and creates a space for citizens to participate in decisions made by an organization.

The “Metaverse Discussion Framework”, which translates to “The Metaverse Entire Community – Everything that happens”, proposes a theory of metaverse by providing the necessary mechanism for inclusion and the framework for the Metaverse Discussion Framework.

The proposed framework not only changes the face of administration of the “Metaverse Discussion Framework” as it currently stands but also introduces rules to govern the flow of information in the Metaverse.

What does this mean for each entity?

As each entity participates in a dialogue, it indicates how their opinion on something influences others and which actions or ideas are likely to receive acceptance.

The outcomes of such participation show a sample of the conversation which at this stage is made available to everyone, regardless of their location.

A Metaverse Discussion Framework should have any substance that is critical for an organization to connect with citizens, and create the space where everyone can get involved in the decisions of the organization.

How will this be considered open?

Everyone can find and publish information that resonates with their opinions, thoughts, and experience.

There is no room for determining what information is “important” for an organization.

The Metaverse Discussion Framework allows anyone to share their opinion on an issue, its significance, and how they can help to address it.

How are opinions formed?

The opinions formed by Metaverse Discussion Framework are made publicly available but are not restricted to specific groups of citizens or groups.

Information about the status of the issue is made available but through the help of a basic portal through which important information about the issue can be viewed.

From there, an idea, view, or idea is discussed with a group of participants until it reaches a consensus.

When the discussion ends, decisions are made behind closed doors, and the information is shared through the Metaverse Discussion Framework.

What is involved in this?

The Metaverse Discussion Framework is the framework that makes the conversation at the forefront of creating an open Metaverse Discussion Framework that makes the total community involvement.

The Metaverse Discussion Framework allows every individual to have the right to present their views, thoughts, views, or ideas in the “Metaverse Discussion Framework”.

There is no room for determining what information is “important” for an organization, and the information that is given out about the issue with the input of the public is not restricted to only some groups of people and their opinion.

The Metaverse Discussion Framework enables everyone to discuss any issue collectively and produce a final decision that everyone accepts.

The Forum is critical for a discussion to flourish and share opinions, ideas, and views in relation to one topic or issue. The core of a discussion forum is where it started, and where it will be manifested by others into a final discussion plan that addresses the involvement of all those involved in discussions.

The public forum allows every citizen to easily acquire and share information about an issue, its importance, and how others can help, sharing thoughts, views, or ideas about the issue.

The common thread, between all of these, is that an understanding of the Metaverse Discussion Framework and a desire to make this system as open as possible as to be a better version of itself and to keep everyone involved.

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  • Axie Infinity ( AXS) 
  • Decentraland (MANA) 
  • Enjin Coin (ENJ) 
  • The Sandbox (SAND) 
  • StarLink (STARL)
  • Smooth Love Position (SLP)