Convert Your Windows 10 Look Like macOS in 2023

Convert Your Windows 10 Look Like macOS in 2023

If you're a Windows user who wants to make your PC look like macOS, there are a few things you can do to achieve it. Here are some steps to Convert your Windows 10 to look like macOS:

Make your windows look like macOS these are the ten steps you have to follow. Step by step complete guide. 

Install a macOS-inspired theme: There are various themes available on the internet that resemble the look and feel of macOS. A popular option for Windows 10 is "macOS Sierra" a great theme, which can be downloaded from DeviantArt or other similar websites.

Replace icons: You download and install a macOS icon pack that replaces the default Windows icons with ones that resemble macOS icons. An example is the "macOS High Sierra" icon pack, which can be found on DeviantArt or other similar websites.

Install a dock: At the bottom of the macOS screen is a dock that shows frequently used apps. You can install a similar dock on Windows 10, such as RocketDock or ObjectDock.

Customize the taskbar: You can make your taskbar look macOS-like by changing the size, position, and color. You can also hide the taskbar when not in use.

Install a macOS-inspired cursor: You can download and install a macOS-inspired cursor theme, such as "macOS Sierra Cursors" from DeviantArt or other similar websites.

Use macOS-like apps: You can use apps that look and work like macOS apps, such as the popular Mac-like media player, Adobe and VLC.

Enable macOS-like gestures: macOS includes a set of gestures that allow you to control your computer using the touchpad or trackpad. Windows 10 also supports some of these gestures, but you need to enable them in your touchpad settings. For example, you can enable three-finger swipe gestures to switch between desktops or windows.

Use macOS-inspired wallpapers: You can download and set a wallpaper that matches the default wallpaper on macOS. This can help give your Windows 10 desktop a more macOS-like aesthetic.

Customize your system fonts: macOS uses a specific font called San Francisco for its user interface. You can download and install this font on Windows 10 and customize and use the system fonts to look similar to macOS.

Install a macOS-like terminal: If you use the command line a lot, you should install a terminal emulator that works like macOS. An example is the "Windows Terminal" app, which can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

By following these steps, you can convert your Windows 10 to macOS as much as possible. One thing you should keep in mind is that some of these changes may affect your computer's performance, so Are sure to check carefully and make any necessary adjustments.

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