How to Create Binance Account with KYC Full Verification Method

How to Create Binance Account with KYC Full Verification Method

Are you searching on youTube and google? How to create a Binance crypto website account with KYC full verification method step by step complete guide.

Hi everyone viewer are you thinking of doing crypto trading? So Binance is the world's first crypto trading app and website. Binance web is one of the best apps in the world if you are really thinking of doing crypto trading. So now I want you to create an account on Binance and its complete KYC complete verification method step by step will do it.

First of all, click the Join link and open a new window page, Friends, I would like to tell you one thing before creating an account, If you join this Binance app or web from our link so you can 10% to 20% crypto trading fees can survive. 

So now let's start creating an account on the Binance app or web, Click the join link and open a new window, Before creating an account you must decide whether you want to create an account on the app or on the web. 

If you do not have a computer, you can use their app, And if you want to use the web, you must have a PC.
How to Create a Binance Mobile App Account in 2022
Binance app downloads and create an account complete method step by step guide.
First, open the android mobile play store and download or install the Binance app, And now open this app and create an account Click the register option and create a free account.
Type or input text fill in the empty Box, write here your own
  • Email
  • Password
  • Or refer ID

If you join the Binance account through me refer id GONS8AOJ and Get to do 10% special trading bonus.

Create a Binance account through your email and password or Mobile Number.

Type email or password and my referral code and check inbox I have read and agree to the stream of service and click the create account option and solve the security Verification image.

Next step Account Verification
Now Open your email inbox and open the Binance conform your verification link and copy this Activation code or read and type your account verification inbox and login automatically go to your Binance dashboard and deposit your crypto and start trading.

Now your complete your account registration Enable trading with a few easy steps.

The first step opens the Binance login app and shows the dialog box Verify Account.

Verify Account

Click the Verify Account option and start the identity Verification method.

Complete Your identity Verification.

Open this identity Verification option select your country/region and complete Basic Information. 

Basic Information
  • First and Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Residential address

Identity and Facial Verification
  • Upload a photo of your ID
  • Take a picture of yourself to Verify your Identity

Select your country/region and click the Start option. Now complete the identity verification.

Basic Info

Chose your

and type your First name, Middle Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth or
Residential address and search you are in google your own city portal Code and type
City name and click the Submit a Continueand click the Back to Homepage.

Now Complete the Intermediate verification select your country/region issue and select Document type.

ID Card

Select the for example ID Card and click the Continue, Now Upload Front Id Card Page and again Upload Back Id Card Page and click the Continue.

Now upload a portrait photo, If you upload your own photo complete important notes Read and Follow and upload the Photo and click the Continue. Now complete the mobile live face verification، To do this you need to turn your head in front of your camera. And follow the instructions that will be given to you. 

As soon as your face is a complete verification, So your identity Verification requirement is done. This will increase your crypto trading and withdrawal and deposit limit. 

And now friends you can easily spot and future or deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency in an Binance account.